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Welcome to The Central Winchester Regeneration opportunity

We have created a structure to enable development, combining planning, land and a clear brief. We have laid the foundations for you to fashion a landmark city centre, to play your part in the long-term stewardship of one of the UK’s oldest and most cherished cities.

The development comprises 3.68 acres (1.49ha)

About 180,000sq ft of residential space (minimum 40% affordable)

About 80,000sq ft for mixed-uses and 25,000sq ft as retail and F&B

Central Winchester Regeneration Ambitions


Provide creative, flexible workspaces to help grow start-up businesses and allow like-minded professionals to support each other by sharing skills, ideas and resources.


Provide housing suitable for a range of residents, including young people and families. A mix of private and 40% affordable homes are needed, including places for key workers and homes for rent.


Create exceptional public places where people want to spend time, enjoy the outside, live new experiences, celebrate heritage and culture and get involved in interests and activity.

Student and young person experience

Provide a mix of uses attractive to students and young people, drawing them to the city centre and compelling them to stay beyond their time at university or college.

Overnight tourism

Create an attractive evening offering to complement existing amenities for residents and tourists and encourage overnight stays.

Sustainable development

Work towards the city’s carbon neutrality target through choice of building materials, measures to minimise energy use, re-use of buildings where appropriate and suitable modes of transport.